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Reach and Teach with Our Smart and Colorful Materials

Don’t delay ordering these holiday supplements for your NIE program. Use them with your eEdition, website or print newspaper with equal success.

Let’s Give Thanks
One of the most important lessons kids can learn is to be thankful for the things that are important to us. “Let’s Give Thanks” is a charming, interactive Thanksgiving tab for elementary grades that teaches students to be thankful for their families, their friends and all the other blessings in their lives. With activities and games, it teaches them that Gratitude is a character trait that will bring rewards all through life.

Feasts of the Holidays
Everyone loves food — and everyone loves food A LOT during the holiday season! This lively supplement for Grades 4 and Up can run as early as Thanksgiving. It looks at Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Latino and Asian holidays through the foods that make them special. It celebrates the diversity of America on every page and teaches math and science with recipe activities. The food connection has been a proven winner with supermarket sponsors! And NIE managers love the tie-ins with food news and advertising found in the print or electronic newspaper. Imaginative original illustrations add to student and teacher appeal. Five-part, quarter-page, in-paper/web series is also available.

Symbols of the Holidays for Print or e-Editions
This supplement for Grades 4 and Up takes a cross-cultural look at the symbols that make holidays special — and gets students thinking how important symbols are to every religion, society, philosophy and belief. This package compares symbols from different cultures and explores how similar symbols developed in different societies. Holidays covered include Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, the Hajj, Three Kings Day, Vasant Panchami and Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese New Year. Activities on every page examine today’s symbolism in everything from sports logos to art to retail advertising.

Community of Holidays for Print or e-Editions
If one thing has become clear in today’s world, it is that we are all connected. This popular holiday tab celebrates the holiday season by emphasizing how holidays reinforce the importance of community in our lives. This tab for all ages explores our holiday traditions and celebrations and teaches how holidays contribute to a sense of community for every culture. E-Edition activities give new meaning to the phrase “community news” by examining all the ways people are connected as a community in our daily lives.

Honor Veterans on Veterans Day — A War Story
Hollister Kids’ “Paratrooper” series for Veterans Day is now available as a 12-page supplement titled “A War Story.” This package for November 11 features a dramatic first-person account of a paratrooper who jumped in France in support of the Normandy landing on D-Day. At the same time it reveals the character traits and commitment that soldiers today demonstrate in carrying out their missions. It is a great way to thank World War II veterans, while also honoring the troops of this generation who are serving around the world. The material ties the history of World War II to current events through newspaper activities specially crafted to accompany the narrative. Vividly written like a serial story, the account by paratrooper Sgt. Don Reiland will hold the attention of readers of all ages, while capturing the uncertainty, fear, bravery and commitment of young men thrust into events that changed the world.

Paratrooper — A Veterans Day Series
This in-paper or online series brings history to life with a vivid account by a paratrooper who took part in World War II. This veteran’s words capture the uncertainty, fear, bravery and commitment of young soldiers from the time of the Revolutionary War to today’s efforts in Iraq. Newspaper activities explore the character values of duty, courage and discipline and connect the historic events of World War II to contemporary events in the world. Handsomely formatted as quarter-page features, this series can run in 10 parts or in five parts. Veterans groups have been enthusiastic sponsors in markets where it has run.

Meet America’s Original Nations
Each November, America celebrates the culture and contributions of American Indians during Native American Month. This handsome supplement explains the origins of American Indian nations, how their concept of sovereignty influenced the United States and how the customs of different tribes are distinct, despite some shared beliefs. A FREE Teacher Guide is available. This package is not available in Michigan.

Living Black History
Hollister Kids’ Living Black History supplement was created to demonstrate that African American history is not something that happened hundreds of years ago, but something that is being added to day by day and month by month. This year’s edition, which will be updated after the election, includes sections on NASA leader Charles Bolden, TV pioneer Robin Roberts, Oscar winner Mo’Nique, speed skater Shani Davis, the enduring influence of the Coretta Scott King Children’s Book Awards and the importance of black businesses to the nation’s economy.

Teaching Reading Teaching Writing Science and Biology NewsBytes

E-Edition Skill Builders for 2012-2013

Teaching Reading with Your E-Edition
Reading is the skill that will help students all through life. And more and more, reading electronically will be the skill most valuable of all. With “Teaching Reading With Your e-Edition,” Hollister Kids has created an instruction package that effectively combines core literacy instruction with the information technology skills that students will need in the future. In 19 themed units, it uses current events and pop culture to hold students’ attention, while covering everything from reading and comprehension strategies, to critical thinking, to ways to build vocabulary. It offers activities that explore instruction techniques such as Read, Wonder and Learn and SQ3R, shows students how to effectively read for information and demonstrates the value of making predictions, sequencing and examining cause and effect. It covers such essential literacy building blocks as parts of speech, root words, signal words and grammar, but also teaches the value of reading for pleasure. Pleasure reading is emphasized by individual units showing how e-Editions can be the place to go to Read About Entertainment, Read About Sports, Read About Animals, Read About Writers, Read to Understand People and Read to Understand Yourself. All activities are written to state and national education standards. This 8.5 by 11 guide can be emailed to teachers as a pdf, offered as a pulldown on your e-Edition site, made available as a download or delivered on CD. Pricing by circulation: $325, $475, $625.

Teaching Writing Skills with Your E-Edition
Like the rest of the world, newspapers have changed the ways they deliver information. “Teaching Writing Skills with Your e-Edition” introduces students to the electronic features of e-Editions, while teaching them how to build the skills that will make them better at expository, persuasive and other forms of writing. This 44-page guide is packed with activities and activity sheets, and all are written to state and national education standards. This 8.5 by 11 guide can be e-mailed to teachers as a pdf, offered as a pulldown on your e-Edition site, made available as a download or delivered on CD.

Science & Biology for E-Editions
This e-Edition Teacher Guide has nearly 100 activities that use the e-Edition to examine how science and biology make news. Topics in this Super Size Teacher Guide include molecules, cells, genetics, evolution, organisms, environments, habitats, wildlife and populations. Each activity is followed by a reference line explaining the education standards or benchmarks addressed. Students who use this curriculum will come away with a greater understanding of life on Earth — and a greater appreciation of your e-Edition! A customized version of this e-Edition Teacher Guide is available for Earth Day under the title “Earth Day Science & Biology for e-Editions.”

News Bytes for E-Editions
Electronic e-Editions contain everything print newspapers have — distinct sections, classified and display advertising, photos and graphics — but with the convenience of navigating through home and school computers. The weekly feature “NewsBytes for e-Editions” provides fresh content every week for using e-Editions in creative and effective ways. This feature is written live each week off the news and the school calendar. Each week it includes three separate five-activity sets of activities tiered for Elementary, Middle and High School. One activity in each age group each week explores the technology of e-Editions. All activities are written to state and national academic or technology standards, and the 8.5-by-11 format can be easily emailed or downloaded. Pricing by circulation: $25, $45, $65 per week.