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Electronic e-Editions contain everything print newspapers have - distinct sections, classified and display advertising, photos and graphics - but with the convenience of navigating through home and school computers. The weekly feature “NewsBytes for e-Editions” provides fresh content every week for using e-Editions in creative and effective ways. This feature is written live each week off the news and the school calendar. Each week it includes three separate five-activity sets of activities tiered for Elementary, Middle and High School. One activity in each age group each week explores the technology of e-Editions. All activities are written to state and national academic or technology standards, and the 8.5-by-11 format can be easily emailed or downloaded. Pricing by circulation: $25, $45, $65 per week.
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Weekly News Features

“Paratrooper” Summer Series

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The United States has honored World War II veterans with a National Memorial in Washington, D.C. On June 6 each year, the world observes the anniversary of D-Day. To honor the veterans of “the Greatest Generation,” Hollister Kids is proud to offer the dramatic summer reading feature “Paratrooper: A Summer Series.” This series has proven popular with both teachers and veterans, many of whom have learned about NIE through the series — and offered sponsorship support! This 10-unit package features a dramatic first-person account of a paratrooper who jumped in France in support of the Normandy landing on D-Day. At the same time it reveals the character traits and commitment that soldiers today demonstrate in carrying out their missions. It is a great way to thank World War II veterans, while also honoring the troops of this generation who are serving around the world. The series ties the history of World War II to current events through newspaper activities specially crafted to accompany the narrative. The 10 parts in the series make it a perfect once-a-week feature that could run all through summer vacation. Vividly written like a serial story, the account by paratrooper Sgt. Don Reiland will hold the attention of readers of all ages, while capturing the uncertainty, fear, bravery and commitment of young men thrust into events that changed the world.

Feasts of the Holidays

Holidays teach us the traditions of many cultures. They also teach us the foods of many cultures. This five-part winter holiday series provides a lively look at the food and cultural tradition that make these holidays special. Installments look at Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas and New Year celebrations. Each installment includes an activity for exploring the print or e-Edition newspaper. The food connection invites supermarket sponsorships!

Weekly News Features

Many Hollister Kids supplements can easily be converted to weekly NIE features because each page is a self contained lesson. The following supplements are recommended for best results:

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Baseball — Major League
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Character Education English/Spanish
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Mothers of the Movement (Black History)
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Use Teacher Guide Materials as Series

Hollister Kids Teacher Guides can provide a continuing source of material for weekly Newspaper In Education features. The activities and activity sheets may be packaged to provide either in-paper or website material.

Black History Teach Reading Science and Biology Woman and Diversity

Asia Today
Black History
Science & Biology
Science, the Environment and Geography
Women & Diversity
Writing Skills
Teaching Black History with Your e-Edition
Teaching Diversity with Your e-Edition
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